Hermann South Bed and Breakfast, LLC - 2464 S Highway 19 - Hermann, MO  65041
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Our family HAS Built a Bed and Breakfast"!!!   ---- NEW HOME!

We started drawing the designs for the house 2007, then we started to build the house in 2008.

We opened for Business in July 2011 and now have 4 Bedrooms Available!

A Country Cottage nestled in the woods 20 minutes South of Hermann!

The pictures tell the story of the creation and finishing of the Bed and Breakfast.

We continue to work really hard to finish the rooms and will start on the Landscaping.

We'll be updating our web site with pictures to show our progress as we continue to finish different areas.  So, please stop by our web site often to watch the progress.
Essie & Jack holding the house plans they drew themselves!Jack digging the footing with his back hoe.Danita standing in the footing trench while Jack (Dad), Jason (husband) and Festus ( friend ).Pouring the concrete for the basement walls.Alex and Danita ( his Mom ) standing infront of the first wall.The ramp to get in the house.Jason, Festus and crew setting the steel beam in the garage.Setting Trusses on the roof.Essie & Jack standing in front of the shell of the house!Alex and Jack ( Grandpa Jack ) putting house wrap on the garage.Brick on the front of the house.Alex, Zoi (his dog), and Grandpa Jack sitting in front of the wood stove in the basement -- "first  fire".Danita painting the entry --- high ceiling!!Jack and John moving the refrigerator in the kitchen.Alex and Grandpa Jack building the frame around the Jacuzi tub!The tile crew!!! ---    Sabrina, Jennifer, and Danita.   Putting flooring tile in the 2nd floor laundry room.Karissa, Jennifer (friend), and Jack putting the hardwood flooring down in the Living or Lounge room.Alex putting hardwood flooring in the Dormer Bedroom that is now called the Venise Room ___ We're still working on this room!!!Tile in the Paris Bathroom --- Karissa and Essie did this job -- Danita and Essie pulled the toilet one evening so they could get in there and work!!!House finished on the outside! --- April 2010 --
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Essie & Jack standing where the House is now holding the House Plans that they Drew themselves!!!


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