Hermann South Bed & Breakfast

Hermann South Bed and Breakfast, LLC - 2464 S Highway 19 - Hermann, MO  65041
573-437-5656 or 573-694-3790 - hermannsouth@gmail.com
Cinnamon Rolls --- Quote from guests:    "Yummiest Cinnamon Rolls EVER!!"
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Caramel Rolls ---   

Breakfast served  - 9:00 am
Fresh baked Cinnamon Rolls
"Baked Fresh on 
Sunday Mornings"
Fresh baked Cinnamon Rolls
Fresh fruit platter
Golden oven baked potatoes and Bacon & Breakfast Sausage
Caramel Apple French Toast
Asparagus Fontina Popover
Omelette  special order
Apple Strudel
Hash Brown Breakfast Pie
Baked coffee cake