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Hermann South Bed and Breakfast, LLC -
2464 S Highway 19 - Hermann, MO  65041
"This is the house that Jack and Essie designed and built with lots of help from family and friends" ~~~     
Our Bed and Breakfast is a family oriented business.  We started our endeavor to build the Bed and Breakfast about four years ago.   
It was all very simple, really.  We just wanted to build a house.  But, Jack had been in the high rise carpentry construction business for 20 plus years and dreamed of having a house with suspended concrete floors.  It all bloomed from there!  So, the Garage on the main floor was designed to have a work shop below. 
Essie has an interest in flower arranging and in jewelry making, so it was only fair that she get a work shop of her own too.  So, under the front porch, her work shop was developed.  Then, there had to be an office to “make it all happen in”, so the office was designed under the sunroom. 
With those three rooms established, there was the little matter of where to actually live and as they drew and re-drew the house plans, it grew and grew.  Then there was the thought of, “OK, now, how can we make this house work for itself?”   
Taking into consideration the location of where we actually chose to build – Just south of the best wine country in Missouri and home of the quaint little tourist town of Hermann, we decided that we liked people, cooking and having guests.  So, why not open a Bed and Breakfast?? 
We consulted our girls who said, “Heck yeah!  We would love to help you with that!”   
Karissa, our youngest daughter, has a strong eye for color and decorating.  In fact she took many of the photographs in the house on her many world travels.  She assisted in selecting the colors we chose to paint the house.  The colors were inspired by a trip that she and Essie took to Italy more than 10 years ago.  The warm tones of browns, yellows and oranges stuck with them.  Additionally, Karissa, Essie as well as Jack have done a lot of the tile work. 
Danita, our oldest daughter, loves to paint, cook and lay hard wood flooring.   Danita participated in helping build the house first installing most of the wall insulation.  Later, she assisted in doing all of the trim paint work and finally in assisting in laying the hard wood flooring!  All along, she has been studying recipes.  She and Essie have worked very hard to design a menu that would suit everyone’s needs.
Our grandson and Danita’s son, Alex, is learning to be a master carpenter by trade and has helped Grandpa Jack at every opportunity.  He continues to help cut the wood that keeps us warm in the winter and he's a great help in sampling the food in the test kitchen before it gets to the final menu! 
Jason, Danita’s husband, was a great deal of help in the early stages of developing the house.  He and a family friend worked tirelessly to get the basement wall forms up and get the foundation properly poured.   
Essie is a lover of light.  So, the house was designed with all of the beautiful windows at just the right angles to soak in the sun.  As you will notice around the house, her plants have responded delightfully.   In the winter one of our favorite pass times is to sit in the kitchen, have our morning caramel-pecan rolls, and watch it snow while the little birds peck frantically at the feeder just outside the window. 
Occasionally, out the window, we see deer nosing around or turkey picking at what is left of the bird seed.  Even the squirrels are interested in the bird seed!
Essie & Jack - Nov. 28, 2011 -- 40th Wedding Anniverary! --
Essie & Jack with Grandson "Alex"


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