Spiral Omelet, Hermann South B & B Spiral Omelet
Spiral Omelet Supreme - Recipe

4   ounces cream cheese, softened
3/4cup 2% or whole milk
1/4cup plus 2 Tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese, divided
2   Tablespoons all-purpose flour
1/2teaspoon onion powder
1/2teaspoon salt
12 Eggs

1  cup sliced fresh mushrooms, sauteed
1  small onion, chopped & sauteed
2  teaspoon canola oil

1  cup ( 6 ounces ) shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2cup shredded cheddar cheese
1  plum  tomato, seeded and chopped ( Roma )

1.Line the bottom and sides of a 11 X 17 X 1 inch baking pan with parchment paper;  grease the paper and set aside.

2.In a small bowl, beat cream cheese and milk until smooth.  Beat in 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese, flour, salt, and onion powder until blended.  In a large bowl, beat eggs: add cream cheese mixture and mix well.  Pour into prepared pan. 

3.Bake in a preheated 375*  oven for 20-25 minutes or until set.

4.Meanwhile, in a large skillet; saute the onions and fresh mushrooms in oil.  Keep warm.

5.Turn omelet onto a greased cookie sheet; peel off parchment paper.  Sprinkle with the cheese and vegetables.  Sprinkle with a little salt & pepper.

6.Slowly roll up jelly-roll style, starting with a short side.  Holding in place each turn to form the round shape.  Place on a serving platter.  Sprinkle with remaining Parmesan cheese.
Slice Omelet and Garnish around toll with Fresh Parsley and Cherry tomatoes.   Or, other garnishments of your choice.