Must order in advance / or Friday upon arrival /
Omelets are "Special Order"
Octoberfest German Omelet, Kind of like the German Pancake.  Sauteed Apples, Sugar, Cinnamon, Cheddar & Mozzarella cheese.  Topped with syrup and chopped pecans.Jack's Mushroom and Ham Omelette.  "The Omelet that Jack Built"Essie's Special:   Spinach, Artichoke hearts, tomato, onion, garlic, swiss cheese and monterey jack cheese.   Topped with Salsa Artichoke & sour cream.Karissa's Omelet:   Bacon, Cream Cheese and Apricot Preserves.   Topped with Apricot preserves, cream cheese & Bacon.     "What's up Doc" ~ "EGG-actly ~ Your Way ~ .....Mushroom Omelette ---    Onion, Garlic, Green & Red Pepper, Mushrooms with Mozzarella or Montery Jack cheese.Vegtable Omelette with Shrimp on top!    We offer Shrimp omelet on "Special" occasions.
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